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Reuben Foster doing work at 49ers facility before training camp

The 49ers rookie continues to prepare for training camp.

The San Francisco 49ers players return to Santa Clara on July 27 for the start of training camp, but some players have continued using the team’s facility in the offseason. Reuben Foster posted a pair of videos on Instagram from the 49ers facility (h/t user Jed08). In the first he offers some flexing while walking on the field, and in the second he is doing some basic work with cables to strengthen his upper back muscles (I think).

Players cannot work with the full coaching staff between the end of the offseason workout program and the start of training camp. However, they are allowed to use the facility for workouts and rehab. In doing so, a strength coach is allowed to make sure they are properly using the equipment, and medical staff can also make sure they’re working on proper rehab.

I’m not a workout expert, but this doesn’t really tell us much about his rotator cuff injury. The cable pulling he was doing would not seem to directly impact. At the same time, he was doing a lot more serious hitting on the tackling dummies by the end of mandatory minicamp, so things seem to be making good progress.

What we can take away from this is seeing Foster sticking around the 49ers facility during a time when he could be enjoying a little down time before the training camp and regular season grind. John Lynch has said he loves Foster’s football ethic and his commitment to the game, and this is just one more small indicator of that.

Early this morning got a good work in with the good gospel playing in the background !!! #forgottopost #tiredaf

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