How to HYPE someone - George Kittle's Bandwagon!

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Since the end of last season I've been down a bit. My favorite player had left the 49ers. Quinton Patton is now a Jet, and worse yet he is on IR already. Know that in my heart of hearts I will root for the guy. And if he ever comes back, the Battlewagon will be started back up.

However, that is the past.

There has been unbridled optimism running rampant among the 49er faithful. We have a new coaching staff, a new Front Office, and did real well in the first few rounds of the draft.

Then, the fifth round of the draft happened. Pick #145 happened, and Jake was drafted by the Broncos. Everyone screamed, "Butt....Butt...why?" People throughout the twitterverse were wondering what was going to happen. Would we trade down? Jump off a cliff? Let York make the next pick?

Lynchahan would have none of that. They picked George Kittle, TE, Iowa.

At first, stunned silence. Then, furious keyboard clicking reading up on the guy. Let me tell you a few things about this future all-star.

  • PFF had him pegged as the best TE in the nation right before the 2016 season. Butt, you say, his numbers sucked! If you look beyond the basic receiving numbers, you will see that he is the complete TE package. He can run block and is a great receiver. (Including a one-handed catch) I will post GIF's in the comments.
  • He was one of Iowa's only threats. Beathard regressed because the talent around him left. Except for Kittle. Despite being one of the few threats, he STILL did well (11 starts, 22-314, 4TD). And he did this with a foot injury the second half of the year. So don't expect this guy to get an owie and leave the game.
  • The guy has dedication in spades. When he came to Iowa he was a WR. He put on 50 lbs to become a TE. Because of his WR training, he has sure hands and great athleticism. And that extra 50 lbs? It's not butt fat!
  • He did pretty well in the combine. 4.52 40-yard dash. 132 inch broad jump.
  • This guy is 6'4" and 247 lbs.
This is the complete package. He's ALREADY taking first-team reps. He's working his butt off to become a key part of our offense. Combine this dedication and talent with the offensive genius of Shanahan, and we have the next great TE!

Niners Nation, it is time to step out of the black cloud that has haunted us! It is time for us to become the rabid fans we were in days of yore!

Join me in jumping on the Kittle Bandwagon! Let us show the same dedication to him that he will show to the 49ers! And while Jake will be the Butt of many jokes, we will have a future all-star and multiple Pro-Bowl player!

Note: I grabbed info from these two sites. Thanks to them for posting some great info:

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