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Pierre Garçon does not get why Kirk Cousins doesn’t already have a long-term contract

Odds are pretty good this will carry into the 2018 offseason.

Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins continues to wait for a long-term contract, and time is running out for a 2017 extension. Cousins and Washington have until next Monday, July 17 to work out a deal for this year. If something does not get done by then, he has to play on the franchise tag, and they cannot do a contract extension until after the season ends.

Multiple reports out of Washington (ESPN, Washington Post) have cited sources close to Cousins as being pessimistic anything will get done by next week. There have been numerous reports about positivity in the situation, with Dan Snyder getting more involved, but there is no indication the two sides are any closer on dollar figures.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver, and recent Kirk Cousins teammate Pierre Garçon is baffled by the situation. In an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Garçon talked about seeing a quarterback who regularly moved the ball up and down the field. He talked about Cousins as a guy who was critical to the team’s 2015 playoff appearance.

“He’s been doing it for a long time,” Garçon said. “He is the guy that’s helped us make those playoff runs and do a lot of things great for us. I don’t know why he’s not the long-term answer there.

Garçon said he is happy to see Cousins getting an opportunity to showcase his talents, and sees his numbers getting better and better. However, when asked if he could envision a reunion with Cousins in Santa Clara, Garçon made it clear he is only focused on the 49ers’ season-opener against the Carolina Panthers. Well played, Pierre.

There is a whole lot of time remaining before we get any resolution to this. Sure, a deal could get done by next Monday, and this all ends before the drama really gets going. But for the time being, I’m skeptical anything gets done by Monday. This is going to carry into next offseason, and a potential Shanahan-Cousins reunion will remain a possibility. A third straight year of the franchise tag is not impossible, but seems unlikely. It could open the door for quite the bidding war.