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How about a little golf at Levi’s Stadium?

Golfing at Levi's Stadium!

Posted by Jonathan Bloom on Friday, July 7, 2017

Back in May, the San Francisco 49ers announced that Levi’s Stadium would be turned into a nine-hole golf course with the help of a company called Stadiumlinks. The company partners with stadiums to create unique golf opportunities, and naturally the 49ers were down for doing something like that at their stadium.

ABC 7 had a chance to check it out, and you can watch some video above (click here if that doesn’t work) and ABC 7 had a report on it, which you can view here.

The golfing event ran for three days, with golf balls littering the field each day, and vacuumed up each night. It reminds me of Top Golf to some extent. Top Golf takes a driving range and turns it into a competitive golf game with tracking chips inserted in the balls. I’m not a regular golfer, but Top Golf is a ton of fun if you ever get a chance to play.

49ers tight end Cole Hikutini made an appearance in the video above, and kicker Robbie Gould offered up some video of his own work on the links.