Remembering Enemy Reactions: 49ers v. Saints - 2012 Divisional Round

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It's dead time in the NFL, so why not reminisce on good times.

Last year, I took an idea from Mookie over at Field Gulls where he compares comments from his fellow FGer's and and the opposing team's blog during key plays in the game threads. I thought it would be a good time to do this again taking a look back at some of the more exciting game in the 49ers more recent history.

Why not start with the 2012 Divisional game against the Saints. With the help of Fooch, I went back and took comments from our game thread and the game thread over at Canal Street Chronicles to see the difference in reactions.

Let's go back in time...

(For those having trouble reading the comments on PC, don't forget you can use Ctrl and scroll up on the mouse or Ctrl and + to zoom in)

The Saints began the game with a near perfect drive until....

Pierre Thomas meets Donte Whitner, fumbles at the 2 yd line (0-0)



49ers stall after the turnover. After an exchange of punts, the 49ers struck first.

49-yd TD pass from Alex Smith to Vernon Davis (7-0 SF)



On the very next drive, Brees tries to hit Arrington on a deep pass but it is intercepted by Goldson and returned to the NO 4 yard line. Which leads to...

Smith to Crabtree for a 4-yd TD reception (14-0 SF)


Then, on the following kick-off...

Roby fumbles, SF recovers on the NO 13-yd line resulting in a 49ers FG (17-0 SF)


After another close forced fumble by Whitner (overturned by a NO challenge) Brees connected with Graham.

Graham 14-yd TD (17-7 SF)


Following a quick 3 and out by the 49ers the Saints drew closer.

25-yd TD pass from Brees to Colston (17-14 SF)


After the TD the 49ers put together a decent drive until Smith was sacked, forcing a punt. After the two-minute warning, Brees threw up a deep pass hoping to help tie the game or go into halftime with the lead. But...

Brown intercepts Brees at the SF 29. (17-14 SF)

(he ended up being down by contact but this still happened)



49ers lead at half 17-14


The third quarter was definitely the least exciting quarter of this game. Sproles fumbled a punt return which lead to Akers kicking a FG to go up 20-14. That brings us to one of the most exciting 4th quarters I've ever witnessed.

Both teams exchange field goals, 49ers have the 23-17 lead in the middle of the 4th quarter. Then the madness begins.

Brees connects with Sproles for a 44 yard touchdown (24-23 NO with 4:02 left)



Smith answers with a 28 yard TD run (2-pt failed, 29-24 SF with 2:07 left)




Brees hits Graham for a 66-yd TD to take the lead (2-pt successful, 32-29 NO with 1:32 left)



With 40 seconds left, Smith hits Davis for 47 yards to the NO 20 (32-29 NO)




The Grab. The Catch III. 49ers win 36-32







What a game! Do you remember your reactions?

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