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49ers have long odds of making the playoffs in 2017

The 49ers are slight long-shots.

The San Francisco 49ers have not made the playoffs since 2013, and oddsmakers are not expecting that small playoff-less streak to be snapped this year.

Bovada released a list of odds for each team, asking if they will make the playoffs. The 49ers making the playoffs is installed at +1000 (10/1), while not making the playoffs has been installed at -2500 (1/25). By comparison, the New England Patriots have the best playoff odds, installed at -3000 (1/30). The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets have the longest playoff odds at +2000 (20/1). The 49ers have the same odds as the Chicago Bears.

The 49ers have worse odds this year than the same time last year. When “Will X make the playoffs” opened last year, the 49ers “YES” was at +750 (15/2), and “NO” was at -1500 (1/15).

This year’s list of teams with even money or better playoff odds include

Patriots: -3000 (1/30)
Seahawks: -600 (1/6)
Packers: -500 (1/5)
Steelers: -300 (1/3)
Cowboys: -200 (1/2)
Raiders: -200 (1/2)
Falcons: -150 (2/3)
Chiefs: -130 (10/13)
Panthers: Even (1/1)
Titans: Even (1/1)

The Panthers have gotten a lot of love coming off an awful 2016 season. The 49ers host Carolina in Week 1, and are currently a four-point underdog. The 49ers also face the Seahawks, Cowboys, and Titans from this top ten list.

Here’s how the NFC West looks. The order is the same as last year, although there is more separation between 1 and 2, and 3 and 4. Last year, the Seahawks were -500 and the Cardinals were -200, while the Rams were +300 and the 49ers +750.

Seahawks: -600 (1/6)
Cardinals: +150 (3/2)
Rams: +650 (13/2)
49ers: +1000 (10/1)