U/WastedFrogs 49er Rookies Scouting Reports

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While perusing the R/49ers subreddit I came across several well researched scouting reports complete with Linked Gifs from U/WastedFrog, and I thought my peeps on NinersNation would like to take a look at them. So below will be links to each report and my personal favorite blurb from each. Enjoy!


Thomas is a freak athlete. He has fantastic speed and agility for his size. The power that comes with that agility is something special. Guys of his size and strength are rarely nimble. His explosiveness means his tackle range is very high


Foster was the defensive signal caller for Alabama this year. He was responsible for putting in all the plays and audibles. Bama's defense being as sure as it was means he was good at this. He's also the guy who keeps the defense going. If you make a great play he's the first guy there telling you how great it was. If you mess up he's the one who picks you up and tells you you'll get them next time. He brings a swagger and edge to the defense that the niners have been missing.


Part of the reason that he's such a PBU machine is that he can't catch. He drops a ton of interceptions. normally when you see a 6'3 guy his weight you ask why he wasn't playing receiver. Well I figured this one out in about 3 seconds


CJ Beathard has the best mechanics in this draft class. it's not even close really. his footwork in the pocket when he has a 3-5-7 step drop is beautiful. his footwork and throwing motion are absolutely textbook. Evenly spaced steps, legs crossing with each step, solid plant at the end, hops the hitch step if there is a hitch, puts his weight over his front foot with his toe pointed where he wants the ball to go and he throws with a tight, consistent motion that gets the ball out super quick. you even see his back foot pop off the ground as he follows through. Perfect.

He can get a little sloppy in a few situations though. He doesn't always plant his feet properly on quick throws or after playaction. he sometimes can't time his plant right for when he needs to throw while on the move, leading to a bad throw


Williams and Shannahan's offense are a match made in heaven. He's adept at reading outside zone plays. he's a true one cut and go runner which is ideal. He didn't play with a fullback in college but the OL typically pulled a man to be a lead blocker so he knows how to follow a FB.


Do you guys like blocking GIFs? if you do I have a real treat for you. George Kittle is a favorite of many of my favorite Reddit draft nerds, especially /u/goat_i_am and they got me just as hyped. I absolutely loathe trying to break down blocking most of the time. I'm so happy we didn't draft any OL because it would just be painful. Kittle is the rare guy who actually has sick blocking highlights. makes this whole GIF thing easier.


It feels wrong putting this in negatives but it's definitely not a positive. he's got good burst and accelerates well but he's not going to burn anyone. there were quite a few plays he made in college that he wouldn't have made in teh NFL because the guys he'll be playing are so much faster. It's not a big concern, but it's a concern.


Jones plays hard. He keeps himself moving at all times. he's got a tremendous amount of power. He's strong enough to shed blocks even if he gets locked up early. on this play the Bama LG has him in a block that should erase him from the play but he rips himself out of it. Dude never quits on a play either. he'll chase after guys he has no chance of catching. Even when he's double teamed and pushed away from the action he'll still fight his way back to make a play.


Most of Taumoepenu's career was spent as a pass rush specialist. coming in on obvious passing downs and getting after the QB. He's got a pretty good array of "passrush moves". His spin move is particularly sick. He has a great first step and has the speed to back it up, which makes him pretty hard to stop if you don't get a good jam on him right away. This play shows his speed well. He's so fast off the line that he gets into the QBs face despite being double teamed. He's not got much of a bullrush and he doesn't win with physicality but he makes up for that with an ability to evade contact in the first place


Adrian Colbert

Dude is fast. not as fast as his cousin, niners new WR Marquise Goodwin, but respectable. the times for his 40 from his pro day vary by a lot so we don't really know how fast but some times him as fast as 4.25 while others have him as 4.40. It's his closing speed in particular that really shows up on tape.

Lorenzo Jerome

Jerome is a ballhawk. 18 interceptions to his name. He led the 49ers in INTs throughout the offseason workouts.Reading the QB and then reacting quickly is his best attribute. He best fits as a single high free safety in the NFL because of his combination of intelligence and his ability to react. This play really shows what he can do. this is every bit as impressive as any single play I saw of Malik Hooker and he went in the first round. reading the QB, covering that huge distance and making a play on the ball is about as good a play as a S can ever expect to pull off. HE can come downhill against the run well too. Here he's in the single high spot and crashes down for a TFL. the ability to read and react fast enough to get from where he was to that deep into the backfield is pretty rare.

Matt Brieda

Breida is a patient runner. He's not the Bell type who will sit back for an hour until a lane opens but he has the right amount of hesitation to let his blocks develop. that little stutter step to give the block a little more time is nice to see. He's fast as hell. Breida has true breakaway speed. His balance is really impressive. a lot of his broken tackles come down to his ability to keep his legs under him. He rarely loses momentum from taking a hit unless they wrap up. my biggest annoyance in RBs are guys who don't keep their legs churning, preferring to dance around. Breida is not one of those guys. he always keeps his legs grinding. he can see the whole field and mostly makes good decisions. This playwhere he reverses the field is really impressive.

Zach Franklin

They say it's a good thing if you don't hear a DB's name right? The fact that I can't find any reference to him or any film must mean he's the GOAT.

Obviously there's more covering all the UDFA at the time of the articles Publishing. I'd like to take a moment to thank WastedFrog again, and would encourage all of you to as well, he obviously put a ton of work into each of these.


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