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Video of Skip Bayless debating himself on Aaron Rodgers is fantastic

In recent years, ESPN has developed a race to the bottom with their Embrace Debate strategy that helped turn Skip Bayless into a star. He left for FOX Sports 1, and now we have two networks airing absolute trash for much of the day.

It is no surprise that Bayless has had plenty to say that runs counter to previous comments he has made. A former FOX Sports producer recently mashed together video of Bayless discussing the topic of Aaron Rodgers. He combined it to show Bayless debating himself on the topic. Not only do we see him offering contrasting opinions, but the vide cuts to a single shot at one point. It’s really well done.

The guy who put it together used to work at ESPN and got fired for a different mashup over there. He had taken video of Keith Olbermann and set up a minute from Tupac’s Hit ‘Em Up. It’s a very well done video, but this Bayless one is an instant classic.