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49ers defensive line participates in Michael Bennett’s youth camp

Members of the defensive line working with Bennett in Hawaii helped coach kids at Bennett’s youth camp

Four members of the San Francisco 49ers defensive line are doing some offseason training with the Seahawks Michael Bennett in Oahu. They took some time out to help coach participants at his youth football camp over the weekend. Arik Armstead, Eli Harold, Ronald Blair and local DeForest Buckner have been in Hawaii for a little while and have been fairly active on social media sharing their experiences.

Bennett’s camp was free to attend and, like most offseason youth football camps, focused on healthy living and physical fitness. Of course, working with an NFC rival’s player has its disadvantages. Bennett lead a Sea-hawks chant which Harold posted a video of on his Instagram story. We couldn’t capture the video but here is a screen shot:

Buckner, who grew up on the island, seems to be playing tour guide while he and his teammates enjoy their time away from training. He has taken them to Punahou High School where he attended, as did former President Barack Obama. They even saw Obama’s basketball team photo. They have been working during the weekdays and enjoying island life on the weekend.

I’ll have a little more information on what they have been up to very soon. I’ll be heading across the ocean to give you an inside peak at what these gentlemen have been up to since the end of the season. Aloha!