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Golden Nuggets: The weekend of Cousins

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, July 15th, 2017

The 49ers 2018 roster plans have a huge weekend ahead of them if they have any interest at all in Washington Quarterback Kirk Cousins, because Washington has by Monday at 1:00 PM to get a deal done.

Some say that Washington may just franchise Cousins again out of their hatred for Shanahan—I’m not buying it. Plausible, yes, but that cheddar to give up hamstrings their salary cap immensely.

As far as his age being a hindrance, yes, he’d be close to hitting 30, but he’s also the perfect fit for Shanahan’s system for the present and future. I see it similar to when the Saints went and snagged Drew Brees at the start of Sean Payton’s tenure. Now Brees was a bit younger when he came to New Orleans, but there were some questions about him going to the Saints, mostly his shoulder injury. Cousin’s being a couple years older doesn’t bother me at all. Quarter

If they don’t get a deal signed on Monday, Cousins is coming to San Francisco. Bank on it.

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