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Greg Jennings reveals he would slime the commissioner

Several players attended the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards and spoke to Jennifer Lee Chan

Several NFL players attended the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards the day after the ESPYs in Los Angeles and I covered the “orange carpet” for our friend of the site, The Football Girl.

Several of the players stopped by to answer our kid friendly questions and they were pretty creative. Since we were at the Kid’s Choice awards, and there was slime nearby, I asked each player if they could slime anyone in the NFL, who would they slime? I also asked each player if they had thought about how they were going to celebrate now that the celebration penalty has been lifted.

Although I didn’t get to talk to Russell Wilson who hosted the show, I did speak to Sterling Shepard, Jay Ajayi, Derek Wolfe, Donald Penn, Datone Jones, Julian Edelman, Curtis Conway, and Greg Jennings. Jennings had the answer I was waiting the entire day for: if given the chance, he said he would slime Tom Brady and then NFL commissioner Roger Goodell!

I’ve included a few videos here but the rest are on on The Football Girl’s instagram account. They are definitely worth a watch. When asked which celebrations of the past were their favorites, the most popular answers included a former 49ers player. I’m sure you can guess who that was. The awards show airs tonight.