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Golden Nuggets: 4 QBs Mentioned, 0 on Current Roster

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Monday, 7/17/17 edition.

As you’ve likely noticed, the flow of 49ers related news has decreased to a mere trickle recently. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse for the next week and a half, as most of “dead zone” series are wrapping up (roster previews, mostly) and the human interest pieces have become agonizingly repetitive. But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The team will convene on the 28th, and pads will go on.

Before we get all worked up about team practices saving us from offseason madness, let’s focus on what we have today. First, a rehash of recent comments made by two ex-49er quarterbacks on another ex-49er quarterback. Interestingly, the article seems to pit Young and Montana on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding the issue. Or non-issue. Whatever. Point is, it looks like folks really didn’t like when Joe compared Kaepernick to Tebow. Of course, I’ve grown quite tired of this saga, but clicks are clicks.

The other, infinitely more interesting, article dealt with the impending (read: less than 12 hours after this edition of the Nuggets goes live) deadline for Kirk Cousins and the Washington football team to come to a long-term deal. Due to some legalese mumbo jumbos related to the tag, today (1PM PST) is it. After the clock strikes, Kirk Cousins is locked in for his salary and becomes a free agent when the new league year rolls around. This is actually pretty big news, as the 49ers are by far the favorites to land the QB if he does reach the open market.

So, that concludes it. The 49ers news media today released two items. They spoke about four quarterbacks, none of whom are actually on our roster. Fantastic. Here’s those links:

49er greats Young & Montana discuss Kaepernick | McGough, Sac Bee

Cousins not expected to sign LTD before Monday’s deadline | Biderman, Ninerswire