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Michael Vick thinks Colin Kaepernick needs to cut his hair, get a life coach

This conversation went off the rails.

I generally try and avoid FOX Sports 1, but this has been floating around social media and it’s ridiculous on a couple levels.

Michael Vick made an appearance on FS1’s hot take shot Speak For Yourself, and had a chance to talk about Colin Kaepernick. He pointed to his struggles the past couple years, and talked about how he needs to find a team that suits his particular skillset. If you want to talk about Kaepernick as a football player, that’s reasonable. He should be signed, but people have their viewpoints on what he can do as a quarterback.

Bomani Jones offered up some useful discussion on this aspect of the interview. Here are his comments, which sum it up better than I can.

Things went off the rails for Vick and this interview when it got into Kaepernick’s image. In the video below, Vick says first and foremost Kaepernick needs to cut his hair. He talks about perception issues and the image Kaepernick has.

Vick certainly has plenty of experience dealing with PR problems, so he is going to be a go-to guy when it comes to fixing up an image. Of course, his PR problems arose from going to jail for conducting a dog-fighting ring, and Kaepernick’s PR issues come from his work for social justice issues.

And this led to a particularly obnoxious discussion between Vick and Jason Whitlock. When Vick got out of jail, he worked with Tony Dungy as part of his image rehab. Whitlock suggested Kaepernick needs to find somebody like that, and Vick agreed. I get that there are people who have a problem with Kaepernick, but offering even this kind of equivalency? This follows Mike Freeman saying one executive told him last fall that he had not seen vitriol like this toward a player since Rae Carruth hired a hitman to kill his pregnant girlfriend.

When people are prepared to make any kind of equivalency between Kaepernick did and what Vick or Carruth did, things are going off the rails.