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Watch Trent Brown doing boxing drills

The 49ers offensive tackle continues important work in preparing for training camp.

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Trent Brown appears to be keeping busy in advance of training camp. Brown joined Solomon Thomas and Arik Armstead at Von Miller’s Pass Rush Summit, where he was the only offensive lineman in attendance.

Now, we have some video of Brown in a boxing session. Football players have taken to boxing with more regularity in recent years. Frank Gore is the most notable 49er to do it, although Anthony Davis did as well.

Boxing provides some help with footwork, and offensive linemen might also get some value throwing the punches that they might need to do against defensive linemen. But really, it is a fun way to work on stamina and burn calories. There are a lot of ways to get fit, but boxing can be a little more fun than something like running or swimming. I took a few boxing lessons seven years ago, and always worked up a good sweat.

Given Trent Brown’s continued need to keep an eye on his weight, this is a good way for him to work on that and make sure he’s where he needs to be for training camp. John Lynch mentioned that he came into the offseason workout program a little heavy, but has been working hard to get where he needs to be. There is so much upside in Brown given his combination of size and athleticism. If he can keep his weight in check, I’m really excited about what it could mean for the 49ers offensive line.