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A bunch of Patrick Willis GIFs, just because

Something to enjoy on a Sunday!

It’s a quiet Sunday as July 4th approaches, and this felt like the perfect thing to share today. Friend of the site Dylan DeSimone took some time on Sunday to tweet out a whole bunch of Patrick Willis GIFs that are floating around the Internet. You can go through all of them on his timeline here.

I decided to pull a bunch of them out and embed them in an article. This won’t cover everybody’s favorite plays, but I’m guessing this is a pretty good cross-section. My personal favorite remains this first one. He ran down an Arizona Cardinals receiver to make what proved to be a game-saving tackle. Sean Morey had a wide open field in front of him for what would have been the game-ending touchdown in overtime. Willis chased down Morey and the Cardinals were forced to try and field goal. Neil Rackers missed a 32-yard attempt, and the 49ers would eventually win the game a couple series later. It showed his speed, but also his determination not give up on a play.