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Which 49ers player will be the breakout training camp star?

Matt Breida? Victor Bolden Jr? George Kittle? Who’s going to be the training camp star?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers-Minicamp Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not a rule that every training camp has to feature a breakout player that nobody expected, but it’s fairly common throughout the NFL. It’s definitely a rule that every training camp has a slew of unproven players who get hyped beyond belief and ultimately disappoint, but the other thing is special. Someone who rises above the noise and makes something happen against the odds is always a good story.

And we’ve all had our own crushes, haven’t we? Fooch was the world’s biggest Jay Moore fan. I loved Dominique Zeigler. Everyone here was really hype on Thomas Clayton that one preseason.

So, who is it going to be this year? I think obvious names like the first-round picks Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster should be omitted, naturally. Then there’s someone like Rashard Robinson, who hasn’t proven himself but has already earned a great deal of hype from the coaching staff and fans alike.

I’m interested in going deeper than that. Who is going to be the surprise breakout star of training camp? Is there a big Victor Bolden fan in our midst? Does someone feel particularly strong about someone on the offensive line to really step up and grab one of those spots?

Or could we see a dependable veteran seize hold of a position that was previously seeming to be out of reach? Quinton Dial is a player I like a lot, and one I think has proven himself. But with the current makeup of the defensive line, I think Dial is looking at a reduced role. A monster training camp could change things, though.

Matt Breida is a name that I’ve seen come up some, as well as Trent Taylor at wide receiver. Mostly it’s the skill positions that thrives in these kinds of things. Who do you guys think will end up being a breakout star in training camp and do you think they’ll make the 53-man roster?