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Sunday Funday - what the 49ers did during their off time in Hawaii

DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Eli Harold and Ronald Blair have been working hard, but they’ve also had some fun during their stay in Oahu

It’s Sunday Funday here at Niners Nation so we are going to talk about what has happened during the down time for a few of the players on the team. Four members of the San Francisco 49ers defensive line spent a lot of time in Hawaii during the offseason training with Seahawks Michael Bennett at the training facility that he has invested in. But it hasn’t been all work for DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Eli Harold and Ronald Blair during their time on the island, they’ve a bit of fun too.

Buckner, who is a local from Oahu, got to enjoy a family reunion while he was home while also playing tour guide for Hawaii first-timers Harold and Blair. Armstead, who joined Buckner there last offseason, still played tourist on his second visit. Buckner took the group to Punahou High School where he was a student as was former President Barack Obama. They had a good time seeing pictures of Obama in his high school team basketball photo.

The group has also been enjoying a lot of the local catch. Everyone has become a poke/sushi fan if they weren’t already except for Harold who “just can’t stand” raw fish. He says it’s not the texture or a dislike of seafood because he will eat oysters raw or cooked. Along with visiting local eateries, the group had hired a chef to prepare meals at the house they rented near the North Shore in Kailua.

One of the times part of the group ventured out on the town, they ran into another former President, Bill Clinton.

Oh hey Bill

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The group had a “normal,” every day conversation with the President about football and how the 49ers are a big Franchise for America amongst other things.

After the training session I watched, they all went to Haunama Bay State Park/Nature preserve for some snorkeling. Blair was the only one who expressed a little hesitation about going in the water. “I’m a little skeptical. I’m not the greatest swimmer. I have a couple incidents trying to swim, but I guess I’m going to try it out, broaden my horizons a little more because I’ve been open to trying new things, so I guess I’ll try some snorkeling out today.” Lucky for Blair, he only needs a good swim move, not actual swimming for his position.

Fish whisperer

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Here are a few screen shots from Armstead’s Instagram storyline just for fun. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

This was from a helicopter ride