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Kyle Shanahan with a brief comment about working with Washington

We may never get a shoot, but this will do for now.

There’s a few things I’d love to know from Kyle Shanahan. One of which was the Kirk Cousins situation. Shanahan is not allowed to say anything about any NFL player on contract on another roster or face a fine from the NFL, so we probably won’t be getting any comments about that situation, or player, any time soon.

The other thing is his thoughts on working for Washington. As reported, the Shanahans and the Washington brass didn’t play nice which has led to speculation on how much the organization hates Shanahan.

He was asked his thoughts on working in Washington during his appearance on the Simms & Lefkoe podcast. The same podcast where we received the spark that has christened Reuben Foster as The Waterboy. The entire podcast is worth a listen as it has a lot of interesting stuff and a bit more of a casual atmosphere for the San Francisco 49ers head coach.

The actual question was what it was like working in Washington compared to other front offices:

Ummm...It’s different. You never know what you’re dealing with. We’re there and we’re expecting to build the team. We knew we were in the hole with some salary cap over the years and we’d have to fix it. You think you’re going to be able and come in and do stuff, but for some reason, it’s kind of hard to do there. You’re not always sure why, but it’s tough to get people on the same page and it’s tough to get people in the same direction.

For what it’s worth, Shanahan’s father, Mike Shanahan, was able to navigate through the salary cap and get things in the right direction before his dismissal from the team. Those are things that take a lot of time, and as we all know, patience isn’t a skill well developed by a fanbase. Washington went from a playoff year to some less than desired performances. It could be looked at that once the Shanahans got things in the right direction to get some consistency, they were whacked. Robert Griffin III’s slump certainly didn’t help matters at all in this either.

It scrapes the surface, but that’s about as close as we’ll get to Shanahan’s thoughts on Washington for awhile. Now we just need to wait for the inevitable Cousin’s speculation.