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Golden Nuggets: Reporting Day Cometh

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Thursday, July 27, 2017 edition.

Mornin’ folks. 49ers veterans and rookies alike report to the team facility today, and will start training camp tomorrow (Friday). For fans, this marks the remaining 24 hour of offseason doldrums with which we’ll have to plod through. While I’m sure we can fill it with Kaepernick articles until our wrists are hurting, the wonderful beat writers for the 49ers really came out in force to publish last minute analysis.

The front office and coaching staff received quite a bit of attention, of which the tone was generally positive. Matt Barrows of the Sac Bee put out a great short piece on the philosophical vision engendered by John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, through the lens of key roster moves (and non-moves) - specifically the patience to view the building of the roster as an ongoing process. Kevin Jones’ (KNBR) piece was also worth a read - the culture of physicality to be espoused by Kyle Shanahan is seen to be welcomed, especially in contrast to the “finesse” culture employed by Chip Kelly in 2016’s 49er training camp. While the downside to this style of practice has it’s obvious downfalls (injuries, aggravation of existing injuries), it has some value in allowing the sizable amount of newcomers to really display their toughness and willingness in a competitively charged atmosphere.

For your reading pleasure, a fistful of different sites released (what should either be the last or penultimate) editions of positional training camp previews. The piece on slot receivers left me unusually excited for that particular competition, as we seem to have as talented a crew (on paper) at the position than we’ve had in some time. Considering the productive 2016 Jeremy Kerley had, the physical upside with Bruce Ellington, and the (insert Welkerism) associated with Trent Taylor, the battle at this position should be a fun one to watch. Unfortunately, NaVorro Bowman’s injury recovery was a popular item to refer to, with one article going so far as to point to the Malcolm Smith signing as leverage in shedding the ~$20 in base salary owed to Bow over the next two years.

On a lighter note, the turf at Levi’s is already coming under fire. A recent national soccer game at the stadium showed players slipping on the turf as though it was wet, and large clumps coming dislodged. Broadcasters and Twitter trolls formed a united front, to deem the playing surface as “an embarrassment”. Considering the report that Shanahan intends on holding very physical practices, the poor condition of the turf may end up a factor.


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