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John Harbaugh talked about his summer discussions with Colin Kaepernick

The Baltimore Ravens are potentially looking for a backup quarterback option in light of Joe Flacco’s current back injury. Colin Kaepernick’s name has been mentioned as a possibility, and on Thursday, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh talked about the former 49ers quarterback.

No surprise, Harbaugh said he has known Kaepernick through his brother Jim for many years. The 49ers and Ravens conducted a joint practice in 2014 when Jim was still the 49ers head coach. That provided some more opportunity for interaction.

John said he has had multiple conversations with Kaepernick this offseason. He continues to think Kaepernick will be back in the NFL this fall, but he would not commit to the 49ers necessarily signing him. Harbaugh said, “He’s a guy right now that’s being talked about. We’ll just see what happens with that. Only speculation right now.”

Here is Harbaugh’s full quotation, courtesy of Ian Rapoport.