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Joe Staley wins the 49ers training camp day 1 t-shirt contest

The San Francisco 49ers are back for training camp, and Joe Staley’s t-shirt game is on point. We’ve seen him wear a host of great shirts over the year, and this year is no different. He met with the media on day one of training camp sporting a “Fat & Jacked” t-shirt. Staley said that rookie J.P. Flynn brought the t-shirts in, so I imagine we’ll see more of the offensive line sporting it.

Tracy Sandler got the picture above, and this picture from Rob Lowder offers up another quality look.

Staley is confident about the direction of the 49ers, and likes the work ethics he is seeing from the players. He said everybody thus far has come back in great shape and it speaks volumes to commitment level. He sees a team with more players that are all football, and will take a player with commitment to be there and less talent. With changes potentially happening at several of the offensive line positions, the need for leadership from Staley remains strong.