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Carlos Hyde: ‘This is the lightest I’ve played at since high school.’

Hyde faces a challenge in the final year of his contract, and he seems up to the challenge.

The first day of San Francisco 49ers training camp meant players are getting weighed in and going through conditioning tests. Running back Carlos Hyde said he weighed in at 228 pounds after spending the offseason between 224 and 228 pounds. Hyde said it is the lightest will be at for football season since he was in high school.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan met with the media before Hyde, and Lynch said he was really pleased with the commitment Hyde showed coming into camp in great shape. Hyde said he spent the offseason working with strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright to prepare for the season.

The running back has never had any problems with size, but speed in the new rushing scheme will be something he needs to work on. Hyde said he has the opportunity to be the league leader in rushing in this new offense. Of course, he also faces some pressure from draft pick Joe Williams and potentially UDFA Matt Breida, but for the time being, he is the No. 1 back on the team.