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Reuben Foster: ‘Guess what? It’s training camp, and the kid just got cleared yesterday!’

Reuben Foster is excited to get going with the rest of the team.

The San Francisco 49ers’ medical staff formally cleared Reuben Foster for full participation in training camp, and he is plenty excited about it. Foster posted a quick video telling fans he has been cleared and can’t wait to get on the practice field.

The 49ers have their first official practice on Friday, which will be Foster’s full go in team drills. He participated in individual work during OTAs and minicamp, but will get a chance to do everything now that training camp is here.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked where Foster was at mentally in understanding the defense given that he could not take part in team drills. Shanahan was effusive in his praise.

“I think he’s at as good of a spot as he can be just from speaking and talking and having an understanding. What was real impressive with Reuben, which you don’t always see from guys coming right out of college is to be able to sit in these long meetings and just watch stuff on the board and know you’re not going to go out there and practice that day. Lots of guys, especially coming out of college, have a hard time staying awake. They can’t really focus as long and especially when they know they’re not playing that day. Reuben was very good the opposite way. He was into it. He surprised me with his knowledge of the defense, how much he paid attention, not just his position but the overall scheme. I think he’s in as good of a spot as you could be without stepping on the field. Yeah, you’ve got to step out on the field and react and not think and that will take reps, and it’ll take time, but as far as on the board and everything, he’s been extremely impressive.”

After the 49ers drafted Foster, general manager John Lynch talked about how passionate he was for football. Lynch has talked about not always having choir boys on the roster, but he does demand high football character. By all accounts, Reuben Foster seems to have that. I am as excited about seeing Foster on the field as I am with anybody on the roster.