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Throwback Thursday: Steve Mariucci conducting a first training camp practice

The San Francisco 49ers have their first practice of training camp on Friday, so this NFL Films video is pretty fitting. The video above is from the first day of 49ers training camp back in 1999. It was Steve Mariucci’s third season as head coach, and the team was coming off back-to-back playoff appearances. This would be the first of two-straight sub-.500 seasons for the 49ers.

However, for the start of training camp, Mooch was in fine form. There’s a lot to like about this video. He doesn’t want Steve Young to let on to the other players that maybe he gets some special treatment. And Young wants to make sure Mooch is ready for refs talking to him about the 49ers receivers pushing off. Punter Chad Stanley has a crick in his neck, but Mooch makes it clear that it’s a good thing the punter doesn’t kick with his neck. And we get some general Mooch excitement when good plays happen. Make sure and give it a watch.