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Solomon Thomas signs rookie contract, reports to 49ers training camp

The final rookie contract is done!

The San Francisco 49ers have officially signed their final rookie to his contact. The team’s top pick, defensive lineman Solomon Thomas has signed a four-year contract, worth an estimated $28,154,382. His deal includes a fifth year team option. General manager John Lynch tweeted out the news.

Thomas had remained unsigned as rookies and veterans reported to training camp, and there was concern he might hold out. He missed the opening day with the conditioning test and the beginning of practice today, but he is officially under contract.

He has the same agent as Joey Bosa, who held out for an extended period last summer. The big difference is that the then San Diego Chargers were trying to get his deal to include offset language, while also deferring some of his signing bonus money. More than likely, the delay in the 49ers signing Thomas was due to offset language.

We don’t know the exact details of Thomas’ contract, but because of the rookie wage scale, Over The Cap is able to provide solid estimates. Thomas likely will receive a $18,615,912 signing bonus. He will receive league minimum base salaries, but he will get training camp roster bonuses for 2018, 2019, and 2020. Here is what his rookie contract likely entails.

Signing bonus: $18,615,912

2017 base: $465,000
Cap hit: $5,118,978

2018 base: $555,000
Training camp roster bonus: $1,189,745
Cap hit: $6,398,723

2019 base: $645,000
Training camp roster bonus: $2,379,490
Cap hit: $7,678,468

2020 base: $735,000
Training camp roster bonus: $3,569,235
Cap hit: $8,958,213