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Video: Solomon Thomas joins 49ers practice after signing rookie contract

Bah gawd, that’s Solly’s music!

Sweet relief washed over the San Francisco 49ers fan base Friday morning as the team officially signed Solomon Thomas to his rookie contract. His signing wrapped up offseason business, locking up all ten draft picks.

The signing was announced shortly after the team took the field for the first practice of training camp. However, Thomas hit the field not too long after that to catch up with the team on the practice field.

There were a few videos posted, including the raw footage above from 49ers team reporter Joe Fann. I asked someone to set it to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance music, and I thought it came out pretty well. Big thanks to Mark Sanz for putting it together.

The 49ers also provided some video of Thomas coming out of the locker room to head to the field. Given that he just signed his rookie contract and became a millionaire, I thought a little Million Dollar Man made sense as well. Mark set it up with a slow motion entry.

There are a couple other videos for Thomas taking the field. The first comes courtesy of the 49ers, and shows him coming out of the locker room (maybe that one should have had the music!). The second comes courtesy of Eric Branch, and shows Thomas warming up before his first practice.