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Time to get overly excited about 49ers training camp video

How about some hot take predictions based on day one video?

The 49ers first day of practice is behind us, and Malcolm Smith might have summed it up best. Someone asked him how Reuben Foster looked on the field, and Smith just sort of said, “It’s only been one day.” He complimented Foster’s general skills, but one practice is not enough to make any real conclusions.


The 49ers posted some highlight videos from practice. We’ve got Reuben Foster’s interception returned for a touchdown, Brian Hoyer connecting with Marquise Goodwin for a long catch-and-run touchdown, and then threading the needle to Pierre Garçon, followed by Garçon making a big gain.

None of this means a whole lot in the big picture, but feel free to offer up your wildest conclusion. I’ve included a hot take prediction for each of the videos.

Reuben Foster interception

Wild conclusion: He’s essentially going to match Patrick Willis’ rookie year. Just hand him the DROY award.

Marquise Goodwin touchdown

Wild conclusion: The deep threat is set, he’s going lead the NFL in yards per catch, and he’ll have double digit touchdowns.

Pierre Garçon reception

Wild conclusion: Just write them both into the Pro Bowl