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Photos from the 49ers first day of 2017 training camp

The San Francisco 49ers return to practice Saturday at 10 a.m. PT, but in the meantime, the first day of practice brought with it a whole bunch of new pictures to the photo tool.

During the offseason, we get very few new pictures outside of a chunk at minicamp, so the start of training camp is kind of great. It gives us a chance to see more “football stuff,” but also gives me new pictures to use for articles so we’re not looking at the same stuff all the time.

Since the end of last season, our photo gallery tool has been improved, so it is easier to create quick galleries of photos. The plan is to have a photo gallery following notable influxes of pictures (training camp, each game, etc).

For this first one, I grabbed 58 pictures from Friday’s practice. It is a slideshow of pictures, but it seems to provide a fairly quick load of each picture, so it should be fairly easy to view. Enjoy!