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Kyle Juszczyk is splitting time between the running back and tight end rooms

The 49ers will get plenty of work out of Kyle Juszczyk.

The San Francisco 49ers signed free agent Kyle Juszczyk this offseason to the biggest deal a fullback had received by a couple of orders. General manager John Lynch said they were looking to describe him as more of an offensive weapon than strictly a fullback.

One day into training camp, and the OW designation is becoming more and more of a reality. Juszczyk said on Friday that he has been splitting his time between the running back and tight end rooms. He did some offseason work with tight ends in Baltimore, but he was primarily with running backs there. In Santa Clara, he gets to learn more roles in the passing game.

Juszczyk will still get plenty of work as a running back, and it could reflect a cross between what running back Devonta Freeman and fullback Patrick DiMarco did in Atlanta. Juszczyk was asked if he would be running routes similar to Freeman, and what he might draw from Atlanta.

“From Atlanta’s offense, I kind of pull some things from Devonta Freeman, and from Patrick DiMarco - obviously both being fullbacks. But there are routes that Devonta was running that I’ve been running here. So a little bit of both of those guys.”

The 49ers will be looking to use a variety of offensive formations. Juszczyk may be listed as a fullback, but he’ll be making appearances all around the offensive formations. We’ll see him at running back, fullback, and tight end, with the potential for some split out wide receiver action. Juszczyk will be getting all sorts of opportunities to make an impact in this offense.