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49ers fan makes his way around Seattle

What’s your best experience in “enemy territory?”

A 49ers fan from Turlock is up in Seattle on vacation, and he decided to have a little fun during his trip. Titus Briseno brought a 49ers hat with him, and he has offered up a brief story on Twitter of the many spots in Seattle where he took a picture of his hat. It’s ridiculous and fun, and given that things are pretty quiet right now, it’s a fun little thing. If any more pictures show up, I’ll make sure and add them in.

What’s been your favorite appearance in “enemy territory?” Has it been as a 49ers fan, or for one of your other teams?

I used to work for the Oakland A’s (2003-2007), and every year the front office had a group trip to Friday interleague game at the Giants stadium. We’d take the ferry over from Oakland and sit in a big chunk of seats in the lower level on the third base side. And without fail, every year we’d get into it with Giants fans, and we’d have security at the back of our section keeping out Giants fans. We’d imbibed a few adult beverages on the ferry over and during the game, so we were not entirely innocent, but you know, these things happen. But all in all, it was a really fun time, particularly when the A’s would win the game.