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Golden Nuggets: A Plethora of Articles

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Monday, July 31st, 2017 edition.

Good morning folks. With the team recently wrapping up their first weekend of training camp (and their first padded practice), the flow of news has picked up considerably. This affords us quite the luxury: being able to pick and choose which voice we want narrating our daily Training Camp reviews.

The major themes of the day include an ankle injury for SS Eric Reid, a promising performance by LEO Arik Armstead, and RT Trent Brown getting beat like a drum by basically everyone. The defensive line drew generally favorable reviews, the offensive counterpart thereby drawing generally negative reviews. The defense made some plays in pass defense, but the secondary seemed to put in an arrow down kind of day.

Before our tune changes from 23-0 to “0-23! The secondary sucks!!”, keep in mind that FS Jimmie Ward is out, Reid went out, and presumed CB1 Rashard Robinson is only entering his sophomore year. Also, it was the first padded practice. As someone who has been cautiously optimistic about the DB unit, the news of a largely down day is somewhat deflating.

Anyway, so many links today. Happy Monday!

Camp News

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Player/Roster/Injury News

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FO/CS News

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