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49ers 2017 dead money includes some long lost names

The 49ers will definitely add more to this number, but here’s where they stand for now.

The San Francisco 49ers are making plenty of changes to their roster, and that is resulting in the organization carrying a sizable amount of dead money into the upcoming season. The 49ers released Torrey Smith, Antoine bethea, and Tramaine Brock this offseason, and Colin Kaepernick opted out of the final year of his deal.

The 49ers are currently carrying a total of $11,058,257 in dead money, per Jason Hurley’s figures. Of that total, $9,265,753 belongs to the four players mentioned above. They are also carrying $446,500 in dead money for Bruce Miller because his release last September meant he was treated as a post-June 1 release for cap purposes (dead money split between 2016 and 2017).

Below is the list of dead money currently on the 49ers roster. That number is certain to increase by the end of training camp. They gave out at least $484,000 in guaranteed money to undrafted free agents, and most of them will be cut. If any of them end up on the practice squad, their base salary guarantee will go toward their practice squad salary, but their signing bonus will be viewed as dead money.

Looking through the rest of the roster, the biggest chunk of potential dead money would be if the 49ers trade or release Vance McDonald. They would carry $3.5 million in dead money this year if they move on from the tight end. Zane Beadles would result in $583,333 in dead money. A Tank Carradine release would result in $625,000 in dead money. You can play around with the types of dead money over at Over The Cap.

Here’s the full list of dead money the team is currently carrying into training camp this year. There are some blasts from the past further down this list. I continue to wait for Busta Anderson to emerge as the next big play-maker at tight end. Devon Cajuste was going to be the h-back of our dreams. Bryce Treggs was the guy who a lot of people were excited about at wide receiver. So many randomly interesting names!

Torrey Smith: $4,800,000
Colin Kaepernick: $2,465,753
Antoine Bethea: $1,250,000
Tramaine Brock: $750,000
Bruce Miller: $446,500
Mike Davis: $234,390
DeAndre Smelter: $172,844
Marcus Martin: $167,813
Fahn Cooper: $138,288
Brandon Thomas: $126,504
Jeff Driskel: $84,405
Kelvin Taylor: $75,267
Eric Rogers: $62,500
Ian Silberman: $60,838
Prince Charles Iworah: $46,107
Kenneth Acker: $30,150
Busta Anderson: $26,392
DuJuan Harris: $25,000
Malik Golden: $13,000
Jason Fanaika: $10,000
Alex Balducci: $8,334
Bret Treadway: $7,500
Colin Kelly: $7,500
Devon Cajuste: $6,667
Bryce Treggs: $5,334
Lenny Jones: $5,334
KD Cannon: $5,000
Evan Goodman: $4,833
Blake Muir: $3,334
John Lunsford: $3,334
Norman Price: $3,334
Darren Lake: $2,667
DeAndrew White: $2,334
Dres Anderson: $2,000
Demetrius Cherry: $1,667
Jered Bell: $1,667
Wynton McManis: $1,667