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Colin Kaepernick listed as potential ESPY attendee

He’ll get questions on the red carpet. Whether we get any information out of it is another question entirely.

Awards shows in generally can be fairly mind-numbing. There’s some entertainment value, but for the most part, it often just seems like an excuse to fawn over each other. However, once in a while an awards show provides a platform that can lead to something interesting.

ESPN is airing the 2017 ESPY’s next Wednesday, July 12. Peyton Manning will be the host, but it is another quarterback that could be making a slightly more interesting appearance. Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick is listed as one of the athletes who will be in attendance.

There is a separate list for presenters, and he is not listed. It is unlikely he would receive an award. The Arthur Ashe Courage Award could conceivably have gone to him, but it will be awarded posthumously to Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who created the Special Olympics.

There will be a red carpet beforehand, and attendees usually chat with the media as they enter the Microsoft Theater. If Kap is there, I have to think he gets a whole bunch of questions about his free agent status and what’s next for him. I don’t anticipate any sort of breaking news from the red carpet, but maybe we hear a nugget or two.