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Golden Nuggets: Are we there yet

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday, July 7, 2017

We are halfway through the dead zone. The 49ers first practice is most likely three weeks from today. Here’s a few ways to stay busy in the meantime:

  • You can always argue with other 49er fans about which players are going to be any good this year.
  • You can write your own fan post about being a 49ers fan while you were growing up.
  • You can argue about which quarterback to draft next year.
  • You can argue about how many games the 49ers are going to win in 2017.
  • You can work on your honey-do list so you will have more free time once training camp gets rolling.
  • You can concentrate on the Giants and A’s losing baseball games.
  • You can watch 49ers games from when they were good.

I personally have finally begun working on my series of articles about the 49ers new position coaches. The more information I collect, the more I get excited about the project. Hopefully I will finally be ready to start posting them by the middle of next week.

Now onto the hot links:

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