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Spelling Kyle Juszczyk is hard

That silent K gets ya!

The Scripps National Spelling Bee took place a little over a month ago, and naturally some of those kids are just a little bit better at spelling than the rest of us. But, can they spell Juszczyk?

Fullback Kyle Juszczyk joined the San Francisco 49ers this offseason, and spelling his name has been quite the chore. I had to type it out over and over again just to build the muscle memory. I would use two Cs instead of two Zs at times. And knowing where to put the Zs remains quite the task.

The 49ers Studios team put together a fun video back during the offseason workout program, and it is most definitely worth a share. They asked several different 49ers how to spell Juszczyk. It was clear right off the bat that nobody would get it. They even just asked for a few letters, and that was a struggle.

My favorite response was probably Rashard Robinson, who said Juszczyk started with a silent K. The folks at the National Spelling Bee agreed that when in doubt, go with a silent K.