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What new movies are you watching until training camp?

Something has to keep us busy for the next few weeks!

Things are as quiet as can be right now, so I thought a random open thread could be fun. You’re welcome to talk about whatever, but the movies inspired the idea of this one. I saw Baby Driver on Friday night and really enjoyed it. With a little under three weeks until training camp, movies are a good way to pass the weekends!

So far this summer, I’ve seen Wonder Woman and now Baby Driver, and I really liked both. Baby Driver was a really cool mix of music with a car chase/heist movie. There were several big names in it, but the lead, who I didn’t know much about did a great job with the role. The way they used music to choreograph much of the movie was really cool.

I don’t have a lot of movie plans for the time being, but I do want to see Dunkirk when it comes out in a couple weeks. I’m fascinated by World War II, and the Allied escape from Dunkirk is not something that has shown up much in popular culture. Given that the war was a long way from finished after Dunkirk, I’m curious to see the movie’s resolution.

What movies have you checked out this summer, or have planned for the next few weeks before training camp?