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I’m getting more excited by the day about Reuben Foster

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their first day off today, and it was good timing for features on rookie linebacker Reuben Foster. It was coincidental timing, but San Francisco Chronicle beat writer Eric Branch and Yahoo! Sports columnist Charles Robinson each had a fantastic feature on Foster that are worth a read.

Branch’s feature focused more on the pre-draft process and how the organization fell for Foster. It includes some great quotations from VP of player personnel Adam Peters, defensive assistant DeMeco Ryans, and others.

Robinson’s feature focuses on the Monday interception that Kyle Shanahan was excited about. Shanahan mentioned how the interception came on a play he messed up on the previous day. Shanahan told Robinson they dialed that play up specifically on Monday to see how Foster would react. The linebacker made the adjustment, and that excited Shanahan.

Both features are worth a read when you get a minute.