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Throwback Thursday: The G.O.A.T. vs. Prime Time

The sheer majesty of this highlight reel cannot be described.

Many of us remember the 1994 San Francisco 49ers team. A team that owner Eddie DeBartolo basically pushed his chips all in for another Super Bowl ring. Of the many editions to this dubbed ‘Super Team’ was Deion Sanders, who made the defense downright filthy throughout the year. Sanders would get six interceptions, turning half of those into touchdowns. Many remember Sanders just for this: being a force on the field.

What many may not remember, or think of, was the even more awesome rivalry Sanders had with 49ers hall of famer Jerry Rice. When Sanders was in Atlanta, a matchup with the G.O.A.T. was a must-watch on Sunday. The rivalry went to a truce in the 1994 season before it started back up again once Sanders departed to join the Dallas Cowboys.

Yesterday being Prime Time’s birthday, tweeted out this video of the rivalry which has some awesome moments between the two. I really can’t get enough of the trash talking going on and would love to know how frustrated one got with the other. Rice was always known for not letting his teammates get to him and having a cool head (look up the Fifi nickname) but I have to believe Sanders had him in fits. And vice versa—I bet Sanders didn’t like Rice making moves and catches on him that were left with large gains.

I’ve posted the tweet below. What are your memories of the Sanders/Rice rivalry?