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5 Fun Facts with 49ers rookie tight end Cole Hikutini

There comes a time in every training camp where you want to get to know a rookie. That rookie may make the team. He may not. He may make the practice squad. He may not. But sometimes, there's just something about that rookie and you want to know more.

Today that person is none other than San Francisco 49ers rookie tight end Cole Hikutini. The undrafted free agent from Sacramento is, well, pretty fun. Watch this edition of 5 Fun Facts to learn:

  1. His canine companion's name and where it came from
  2. His favorite music genre and star in said genre
  3. His favorite show and protagonist from that show (it's a theme in the 5 Fun Facts series recently)
  4. One of his favorite things to do in his free time
  5. And his favorite food.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of 5 Fun Facts! You can catch all of them here.