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Scot McCloughan’s proudest draft pick is an expected beloved 49er

No surprise at all.

I came across a bit of a surprise earlier this week, as I stumbled upon a Scot McCloughan Twitter account. I am not 100 percent positive it is him because he does not have a blue verification checkmark, but @MccloughanScot is getting a lot of followers quickly while offering all sorts of thoughts.

The account is primarily responding to questions about Washington, but the potential McCloughan did respond to a question with a 49ers response.

McCloughan was asked the draft pick he is most proud of during his career, and it is not remotely surprising he chose Frank Gore. McCloughan has hand-picked some great players, but none have reached the heights of Gore. The running back is on track for potential induction into the Hall of Fame, and it all came after most people figured he would not last long in the NFL due to bad knees. He proved everybody wrong.

Last year, McCloughan sat down with Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole to talk draft philosophy and his own draft anecdotes. He talked about players needing a drive and a certain “it” factor. He got into discussing Frank Gore, and had a great story (link above) about when he talked with Gore leading up to the 2005 NFL Draft. It’s no surprise at all he would point to Gore as his proudest draft pick.

At some point, if this is the real McCloughan, he’ll likely get a blue verified checkmark. In the meantime, it’s fun to follow along as he discusses all sorts of football topics.