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49ers training camp recap, Aug 7-9: All the practice reports, press conferences, transactions & more

It’s almost the first game day! Here are the last three days worth of recaps and press conferences!

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their 11th practice of training camp on Wednesday, marking the end of open practices for this week. The team will have a walkthrough on Thursday, and then get on a plane to travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs on Friday.

Through the first two weeks of camp, when the 49ers have had an off-day, we’ve put together a link dump of practice reports and press conference video. You can read all about the first four days of practice here. You can read all about the next four days of practice here. Today is not an off-day for the 49ers, but there won’t be a practice report, so you can read all about the last three days of practice in here. The idea is to make it easy for everybody to take a look at all the information that has accumulated since the first day of camp.

Reading over what each writer had to say about each day, and how their thoughts on players transition can be helpful. And you can always look at all the reports from a given day to see what each writer had to say about a particular player. You can view that and then player and coach press conference video at the bottom.


Released Jeremy Zuttah
Signed Sean Porter

Practice reports

Jennifer Chan, Day 9 (Top plays)
Chan, Day 10 (Top plays)

Matt Barrows, Day 9
Barrows, Day 10
Barrows, Day 11

Chris Biderman, Day 9 (Stock watch)
Biderman, Day 10 (Stock watch)
Biderman, Day 11 (Stock watch), Day 9 (Top 4 highlights), Day 10, Day 11

Eric Branch, Day 9
Branch, Day 10
Branch, Day 11

Cam Inman, Day 9
Inman, Day 10
Inman, Day 11

Grant Cohn, Day 9
Cohn, Day 10
Cohn, Day 11

Nick Wagoner, Day 10
Wagoner, Day 11

Kevin Jones, Day 9

Press conferences

Robert Saleh, Day 9
Kyle Shanahan, Day 10
Kyle Shanahan, Day 11

QB C.J. Beathard
OG Brandon Fusco
OG Zane Beadles
LB Reuben Foster
LB Ray-Ray Armstrong
FS Lorenzo Jerome