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49ers Brick-by-Brick debut includes Step Brothers, sloths references

The San Francisco 49ers and Nike Football are creating a three-episode series called Brick-by-Brick, and it is a Hard Knocks style of show. It’s not quite as deep a dive as Hard Knocks, but if the next two episodes are as good as the first, it will be a fun show.

The 49ers unveiled the first episode today, which you can watch on their YouTube channel. It starts with players and coaches reporting to training camp, and wraps up with some footage from the team’s final practice of the week this past Wednesday. It features players, coaches, and John Lynch mic’d up, includes interviews with players, and plenty of practice footage.

We see some behind the scenes stuff, and there are plenty of highlights, but my three favorite would be:

  1. Kyle Shanahan making a Step Brothers reference about D.J. Kray to every person he sees.
  2. Kyle Nelson talking about his desire for sloths.
  3. NaVorro Bowman’s son with a solid choice of new cheering songs for the 49ers.

The episode runs 19 minutes, and is just a fun all-around time. I highly recommend giving it a watch when you get a minute.