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How long will Kyle Shanahan be head coach of the 49ers?

Time for last minute pre-preseason predictions.

The start of the NFL preseason has ESPN running through a series breaking down the hot seat status of all 32 NFL coaches. They had their 32 NFL team writers rate their coach’s hot seat status on a scale of 1-to-5. A one meant no way they’ll get fired, and a five meant they were definitely out with a disappointing season.

Three coaches were listed on the hottest of seats. They included John Fox (Chicago Bears), Chuck Pagano (Indianapolis Colts), and Todd Bowles (New York Jets). It is no surprise that Kyle Shanahan and the rest of the new coaches were listed as ones. Last year, Chip Kelly was actually listed as a two, which was “safe barring a total disaster.” Well, asked and answered.

Here’s what 49ers writer Nick Wagoner had to say about Shanahan and the 49ers.

After an extended game of musical head coaches, the Niners sought some much-needed stability in hiring coach Shanahan and general manager John Lynch in the offseason. As evidence of that commitment, they gave Shanahan and Lynch six-year contracts to go through what figures to be a lengthy rebuild. The 49ers seem to be realistic about their expectations for 2017 and understand that this season is as much about Shanahan establishing culture as it is about wins and losses.

With that in mind, as the season gets ready to get underway, how long will we see Kyle Shanahan as head coach? He’s young enough that if this things gets turned around sooner rather than later, are we talking 10 or 15 years? His dad spent 13 years in Denver before getting fired.

If the team is successful, the only thing I could see getting in the way is some sort of power struggle down the road. Things are great for the time being, but we can’t predict the future. But for the time being, how long will Kyle Shanahan be running things?


How long will Kyle Shanahan remain 49ers head coach?

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    Three years
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    Four years
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    Five or more years
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