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Aaron Lynch doing solid work in 49ers preseason opener, as he should given the context

So far so good in his contract year.

The San Francisco 49ers have sent out their second string defense, and Aaron Lynch has used the opportunity to make his case in a big way. He had a big pass break-up on his first drive out there, and added this impressive sack midway through the second quarter. I love how he got his hand on the quarterback even as he was being pushed past him.

Lynch is entering his contract year, and by all accounts came into training camp in some of the best shape he has been in with the 49ers. It is also worth noting that he is facing off against second string offensive linemen. The plus to take from that is Lynch has the talent where he should dominate second string blockers. He is doing that, so that is certainly a plus.

Lynch is on the roster bubble, but he has a very solid chance to earn a spot in the edge rush rotation. The 49ers moved Arik Armstead to the LEO role, and then acquired Elvis Dumervil. They were making it clear that Lynch had to earn his keep, and thus far, he is stepping up.