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Brian Hoyer Q & A during 49ers-Chiefs

Here’s a few quick questions and answers from Brian Hoyer when he was on the sidelines.

During the preseason, the NFL has sideline interviews with a lot of the players while the game is going on. This never happens during the regular season, but for the preseason it’s a regular thing.

Brian Hoyer was given the Q & A treatment during the San Francisco 49ers Week 1 preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Here’s what he had to say:

I wouldn’t call it a cameo, but it was close. How’d you feel out there?

Obviously we knew we were going to have limited reps. You’d like to go out and have a little bit more success. But, I think it was good to get out and play against a different team really and see what we need to work on. Now that we’ve got our feet wet as a unit, and I think going forward we’ve got Denver coming in next week, it’ll be a good challenge for us.

You went right to WR Pierre Garçon on the opening pass, on a play-action. I think it got called back, but do you see this offense as an aggressive offense under head coach Kyle Shanahan?

Yeah, I think Kyle loves to attack the defense and I think that’s what you’ll see. Obviously after the first unit came out you saw what those other guys did. He’ll keep you off-balanced with play-actions, some runs and keepers and things like that. That’s what you’d like to see from what Kyle does. Obviously we’ve just got to go out and execute it.

Kyle Shanahan said yesterday that you’re starting to feel it, you’re starting to own this offense. What does he mean by that?

I think just with my last time with Kyle I was just trying to recall the plays that he gives me in the helmet and go out and execute it. Now when he calls the play I can picture what he wants. I can picture what he wants against certain coverages or what he’s thinking and I think that’s where we can take it to the next level.

Will you talk him into a couple more series for you next week?

I’m sure. That’s usually how it goes. You just build your way up. Obviously there were some positives. I thought the protection was really good. They gave me time to throw. Unfortunately our third down conversion got called back or else we would’ve gotten it rolling. I know we’ll all be excited to get back out there next week.