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49ers vs. Chiefs top plays and players of the game

The 49ers opened up the preseason in Kansas City with win and there were a few players that had a great showing

The San Francisco 49ers opened up the preseason in Kansas City, and after much hype about the season to come, the team came away with a win. There were several players who had standout performances and we will take a look at them.

Matt Breida

The rookie running back came in as the second back behind Carlos Hyde who didn’t stay in very long. He has flashed in camp and did so again in the game. He showed power getting through the tackles and speed around the outside. He ran for 40 yards on 11 carries and was 2 for 2 in the passing game for 14 yards.

Joe Williams

Williams came in after Breida’s series and showed that he has outside speed that could be a problem for defenses. He ran for 60 yards on seven carries and went 0/1 in the passing game.

Aaron Lynch

We can’t call one game a comeback but Lynch showed what he is capable of. He had two sacks, two QB hits, two tackles for a loss, and one ball swatted down for a PBU. The newly slimmed down and reenergized defender could be a force to be reckoned with.

Trent Taylor

The rookie wide receiver didn’t have any of his signature toe tapping catches in the game but he still managed to impress. He had three catches for 33 yards and then showed his elusiveness in a 33 yard punt return.

Reuben Foster

The young linebacker could have had a pick. So he was told so by his teammates over and over again. He has done it in practice, why didn’t he get one “once the lights came on?” Foster got a lot of playing time and learned a lot. He was good in coverage and did not allow any yards after the catch when Chiefs WR Ross Travis caught a three yard pass in his vicinity.

Solomon Thomas

Thomas’ NFL debut was impressive. He showed speed, power and the ability to stop the run. He impacted the pocket, nearly getting a sack and causing an interception. He got a lot of snaps under his belt which will only help him catch up from missing OTAs.

Aldrick Robinson

The wide receiver’s chemistry with Matt Barkley showed up again on the field with a 63 yard reception which included 50 yards after the catch. Robinson’s other reception was only a measly 20 yards.

Kendrick Bourne

The rookie finished the night with four catches for 88 yards and a touchdown. His chemistry with C.J, Beathard keeps getting better and his catch radius is bigger than you’d think it would be.