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John Lynch greets the 49ers following their win over Kansas City

Probably will be in the next episode of Brick By Brick. The 49ers left KC with a win and a good idea of what to work on.

Following the San Francisco 49ers’ 27-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the 49ers’ Twitter account tweeted out this brief video of John Lynch greeting the team after their win.

The team heads back to the Bay Area to continue working and figuring out the 53-man roster. There’s a lot of things seen in that game Friday that the team will no doubt be addressing, most notably the near 150 yards in penalties.

I’m sure we’ll see this along with a lot of the preseason prep and postgame in the next episode of Brick By Brick, the 49ers’ own version of Hard Knocks. While John Lynch was there to greet the guys after the win, it reminds me of Eddie DeBartolo, who would wait at the locker rooms with towels for the guys. He’d hand a towel to each person coming in and it helped him in getting the players’ respect.

I’m sure a lot of GMs are there during wins, but it’s good John Lynch is one of them. Maybe he’ll be handing out towels during the regular season as well?