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Scot McCloughan’s biggest draft regret is Aaron Rodgers

I wonder how much he pushed Mike Nolan leading up to draft day?

There are plenty of great debates to be had about San Francisco 49ers history, and one of the biggest remains Alex Smith vs. Aaron Rodgers. The 49ers decided on Smith over Rodgers, and while Smith eventually developed into a solid enough quarterback, Rodgers developed into a potential Hall of Fame quarterback.

It is no surprise then that former 49ers general manager Scot McCloughan views the Smith-Rodgers decision as one of the great regrets of his career.

McCloughan joined Twitter earlier this week, and he has had all sorts of insight to offer about his time in San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington. He’s offering up nuggets about what it’s like as a GM, while talking about the many decisions he has made over the years as a personnel executive.

The Smith-Rodgers debate will not be ending anytime soon, and there is also the wrinkle of Mike Nolan in the decision-making process. The amount of discussions about “who has the trigger” from the McNolan years was ridiculous. I’d be curious how much McCloughan pushed for Rodgers as draft day approached.