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49ers hire Katie Sowers for season-long coaching job

Congrats to the new 49ers coach.

The San Francisco 49ers brought in a host of coaching interns this year as part of the Bill Walsh Coaching Fellowship, and at least one of them has turned the opportunity into a full-time job. As first noted by Cam Inman, Sowers announced on her Facebook page that she was accepted a season-long coaching position with the 49ers. Here’s her statement.

I wanted to share with my friends and family that I have accepted a season long coaching position with the San Francisco 49ers. Many people ask how I made it to where I am, on such an untraditional route and it's easy to say "you have to believe in yourself and dreams will come true" but that's only part of it, and in my opinion that's only the second part. It's important for all to know that dreams are achieved by first finding someone who sees your worth and value, regardless of your gender, and takes the necessary steps to clear a path, even on the path less traveled. Those people are hard to find, but I was blessed to begin my journey in the NFL because of a close friend and mentor in Scott Pioli. Scott's passion for equal opportunity and his belief in a small town girl from Kansas, allowed me the opportunity to follow my passion. Scott continues to do amazing work, opening doors and breaking down walls in the NFL that for years have shut people out. I think we could all learn a little from people like Scott Pioli and find a way to open doors for those behind us. The most important words you can ever tell someone is "I believe in you". Scott, I know the best way that I can repay you is by continuing to open the door for others and I will do my best to continue what you have started and what you continue to do.

Cali bound!

Sowers did not specify her new role, and the 49ers have not commented yet. The team’s coaching staff page shows one offensive quality control coach, three defensive quality control coaches, and no special teams quality control coaches. The QC coaches is effectively the entry level coach of the NFL. The New York Times had a great feature back in 2009 about the role.

Sowers first got her NFL start with the Atlanta Falcons during the 2016 offseason/training camp in the same internship with the Atlanta Falcons. She worked with assistant head coach/wide receivers coach Raheem Morris in organizing, conducting and concluding practice drills. Following her work as a coaching intern, she spent nine months as a scouting intern with the Falcons. She had previously spent five years as athletic director of the City of Kansas City, and is a former member of the United States Women's Football League’s Kansas City Titans.

She becomes only the second woman to take a full-time coaching job in the NFL. The Buffalo Bills hired Kathryn Smith as their special teams quality control coach. She was not retained after Rex Ryan was fired.

When you get a minute, Cam Inman wrote up a great feature on Sowers earlier this week.