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Arrowhead Stadium’s raccoons like nachos

Suddenly Candlestick Park doesn’t sound so bad.

This happened on Friday, but I’m still laughing about it so I figured I’d make a post on it. The San Francisco 49ers traveled to Arrowhead Stadium and faced the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1 of the preseason. You probably know how that went down. What might be just as important to note is this little bugger Matt Maiocco got a glimpse of:

Yes, that is a raccoon. If you head over here you can get some video of the thing.

Candlestick Park had a lot of issues during its lifespan, but I don’t think a raccoon trying to steal nachos was a dilemma, though I could be wrong. Thank goodness the bleachers kept that thing from making a full appearance, because raccoons can be mean, territorial little buggers. I’m currently at war with them here in Seattle. They are everywhere and they’ve tried stealing my food from the BBQ grill more than once. They also get very aggressive during their mating season which isn’t so much of a joke as it is scary. There’s lots of videos of them being cute or precious, but the reality is they are more vicious than anything else. Once they start hissing ... I just run.

Given my thoughts towards the population, there’s a part of me inside that is happy he failed in getting his nachos.